I offer lessons via Skype & in person I also do "On-Tour" lessons (depending on the tour). 

Want to become one of my students? I will be giving lessons on a weekly basis in my studio.

For more information, availability & rates contact me on facebook or email me.

Kjetil Lynnæs

Drummer for Sørvest

"Simen was my drumteacher for about a year. He taught me a lot about technique, musicality and the responsibility of a drummer. He nourished my joy of practicing and made me much more aware of every little detail of what I was practicing. He has pushed me, inspired me, and given me a lot of knowledge both theoretical and practical. Simen always makes me want to push myself harder, and having fun while doing it."

- Kjetil

Markus Øvensen

Drummer for Young Curage

"To have Drum lessons with Simen was a really inspirational experience. I learned alot and found my weaknesses and strengths as a drummer, and I found it even more fun to play drums after his Drum lessons. Simen gave me more ideas,  to practice different kinds of styles and how to practice teqnique better. I can really recommend Simen as a teacher regardless of what kind of style you like to play!" - Markus


Veslemøy Narvesen

Drummer for MOOD

"Simen is a supervisor with passion for his students and our musical progress. I have received support and guidance from him in order to reach my goals and how to facilitate for effecient learning . I've got a lot of wisdom out of his classes "

- Hannah

Konrad Falch (13 Years old)


Metric Modulation - Explained