I was born in the north of Norway in a small town called Balsfjord on the 20th of February in 1994. As the cold got too unbearable for my family we headed south after only 6 months to  Kristiansand where I am raised and currently living. My interest in drums started at an early age, but I was driven more by football/soccer in my teens and played semi-pro until I was 16.

Then I started at a high school that specialised in the arts and that is where I met my teacher Lars Erik Asp who inspired me to make a living out of music. Most of my high school days were spent locked in at my rehearsal space, playing in loads of bands and learning studio techniques. I now have the joy of  working at my old high school part time as a teacher and I also give lessons to private students and on tour.

I have a Bachelors degree in Music Performance by the Univeristy of Agder, and are now studying for Master degree at the same Uni. 

Furthermore I am a full time member of Arkentype &7 Days in Alaska. I am also busy running my own studio Terrabitt Productions where I record drums and make videos for myself and other artists.

I have also played with Sirenia, VOLA, I am K, Marion Woodseth, Tuva & Mia, Timewaves, Faanefjell, Nina Ugland and Without Apathy to name a few. With these bands and artists I have played festivals like: Wacken Open Air, Metal Fest Open Air Plzen, Palmesus, Skral Festival, Pink Party, Euroblast, Karmøygeddon, Trondheim Metal Fest, Inferno Metal Meeting, Nordklang Festival, Sørveiv, Southern Discomfort, incuding two european tours. I have also worked as a tech for Mike Portnoy and Haken. Doing social media, stage manager and drum tech.

If you want to know something more do not hesitate to ask. I love to make new friends.

Simen Sandnes Bosphrous
Simen Sandnes at Soundcheck with Vola
Simen Sandnes Live With Vola
Simen Sandnes Live with Vola 2
Simen Sandnes Live with Vola 3
Simen Sandnes Live with Vola 2

As tech: