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I was born in the north of Norway in a small town called Balsfjord on the 20th of February in 1994. As the cold got too unbearable for my family we headed south after only 6 months to Kristiansand where I am raised and currently living. My interest in drums started at an early age, but I was driven more by football/soccer in my teens and played semi-pro until I was 16.


Then I started at a high school that specialised in the arts and that is where I met my teacher Lars Erik Asp who inspired me to make a living out of music. Most of my high school days were spent locked in at my rehearsal space, playing in loads of bands and learning studio techniques. I now have the joy of working at my old high school part time as a teacher and I also give lessons to private students and on tour.



Simen Sandnes at Soundcheck with Vola
Simen Sandnes Bosphrous
Simen Sandnes Live With Vola

I have a Bachelors degree in Music Performance by the Univeristy of Agder, and are now studying for Master degree at the same Uni.

Furthermore I am a full time member of Arkentype, 7 Days in Alaska & Oakland Rain. I am also busy running my own studio Terrabitt Productions where I record and make videos for myself and other artists,


I have also played with Sirenia, VOLA, I am K, Timewaves, Faanefjell, Nina Ugland and Without Apathy to name a few. With these bands and artists I have played festivals like: Wacken Open Air, Metal Fest Open Air Plzen, Palmesus, Skral Festival, Euroblast, Karmøygeddon, Trondheim Metal Fest, Inferno Metal Meeting, Nordklang Festival, Sørveiv, Southern Discomfort, incuding two european tours.


If you want to know something more do not hesitate to ask. I love to make new friends.

Simen Sandnes Live with Vola 2
Simen Sandnes Live with Vola 2
Simen Sandnes Live with Vola 3

Call me: +4793019603

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